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Hot yoga is a dynamic style of yoga. It is a set of 26 asanas (body positions) and 2 breathing exercises. The order of the postures is still the same because each posture prepares body for the following one. You practice in the room heated between 37° - 40°C. Thanks to higher temperature is your body more flexible and at the same time through the sweating there is a total detoxication of your body.

Beside the other types of yoga, the hot yoga instructor does not practice during the lesson with you. You have to listen carefully to what the instructor says. Instructor describes you how to get in the posture, how to hold it and how to step out of the asana. If you focus on the instructor and carefully listen to him, you are mentally relaxed already. Thanks to fully understanding what you are doing at the moment, you can stop the flow of your thoughts.


  • Due to higher temperature you naturally detoxify your organism – it improves a blood flow and cleans the blood vessels, eliminates toxins in your body and purifies the skin.

  • You clean the lymphatic system and strengthen your immunity system.

  • You naturally adjust a metabolism.

  • You effectively shape your body and get rid off excess kilograms (during 90 minutes class can be burn up to 1000 calories).

  • You stimulate the endocrine glands and influence the level of hormones in your body.

  • You calm your mind and improve your concentration ability.

  • You harmonize your body and mind.


Are you going to come and try hot yoga class? Please read the following information:

  • Come at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the lesson (you will fill in the form regarding your health, instructor will tell you a few words about the class and you can go slowly to the heated room to let your body get used to temperature before the class begins).

  • Drink enough fluids, both before and after class (minimum 2 litres a day). Water is also drunk during the lesson at predetermined intervals.

  • Do not eat any heavy meals for 2 – 3 hours before the lesson.

  • Your goal for the first lesson is to stay in the heated room for the whole time. Slowly get used to the temperature and learn to breath correctly.

  • Do not be afraid to just relax and feel your body.

  • Come to the next lesson as soon as possible, thereby you eliminate muscle pain.




  • A bottle of still water.

  • 2 towels – one on the mat and the other in the shower.

  • Yoga mat (if you do not have one, you can borrow it in the studio for fee).

  • Clothes for women: sports bra or top, legging or shorts.

  • Clothes for man: shorts or swimwear, sports T-shirt or topless.

  • Practice without shoes.


  • Come to the lesson in advance – 5 minutes before the lesson starts, the studio door is being locked.

  • After entering the studio, please take off your shoes.

  • Please take care of personal hygiene: if you suffer from extreme sweating or if you are strong smoker etc., have a short shower before the lesson. Others will appreciate it.

  • If you have any health restrictions, inform the instructor before the lesson.

  • Respect the others in the room and keep the silence. If you have any questions, instructor will be happy to answer them before or after the lesson. If you want to tell your friend about your experiences, please wait until you leave the room.

  • You enter in the heated room only with towel, mat, water and key from your locker.

  • Please shorten time that you spend in the shower for 2 – 3 minutes.

  • Please do not take these rules as restrictions, but on the contrary as the possibility to be in the heated room with yourself in the harmony of the body and mind.

Do you speak English and do you want to try a hot yoga lesson? Do not hesitate and contact us. We look forward to your visit!

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